Softcover Photo Books

Softcover photo books are perfect for your favourite snaps. The covers are gloss-laminated and can be designed with your own photos. Photo books with a softcover are flexible, portable and lightweight making them ideal holiday albums, storybooks or even a personal portfolio of your creative moments.

Choose A Theme

Creating your soft-cover photo book

Design your own cover

Layout a selection of your photos or choose your best photo to fill the cover and text to give your book a title.

Add extra pages

Your book comes with 20 pages as standard and you can add more up to a total of 150 pages (75 leaves). Each pair of extra pages cost £1 (small books) or £1.50 (medium books).

Make it glossy!

Give your book a professional finish with gloss pages. Regardless of how many pages this costs £4 for small books or £6 for medium books.

Create an eye-catching cover

Your cover can be fully personalised to make a special design perfect for all occasions.

Create photo books for:

- Babies

- Holiday memories

- Showcasing your child's scanned artwork

Covers are printed on durable 300 gsm gloss-laminated paper.


Tips to create a special design

It's best to sort out your best photos before you start.  And think about the order you want them in to tell a story.

Choose the size carefully before you begin creating a book - you can't change the size or the cover type later. Layouts, page templates and background colours can be edited at any time.

Creating a book can take time so if you start a book and don't have time to complete it you can save it and return to work later.

Soft cover photo book size Guide

More sizes are available in other cover options.

SIZE (Approx) Standard price Pages Cost of extra pages* Cost of gloss finish**
Small square
15x15 cm (6x6")
£15.00  20 standard
Up to 100
£1.00 £4.00
Small landscape
20x15 cm (8x6")
£15.00 20 standard
Up to 100
£1.00 £4.00
Medium square
20x20 cm (8x8")
£18.00  20 standard
Up to 100
£1.50 £6.00
Medium landscape
27x20 cm (11x8")
£20.00 20 standard
Up to 100
£1.50 £6.00
Medium portrait
20x27 cm (8x11")
£20.00  20 standard
Up to 100
£1.50 £6.00

*per leaf (2 sides).

**Gloss is applied to all internal pages.