Collage Canvas Prints

Choosing just one photo is almost impossible, so share more of your precious memories with photo collage canvas prints instead. From sunny family holidays to hilarious selfies with the cat, get creative with this great selection of multi-upload canvases and showcase all the moments that make you smile.

After all, nothing makes a statement quite like a collage canvas that’s jam-packed with all your happiest memories - especially when they’re printed in such amazing quality!

Design perfect collage canvas prints online

Creative collage layouts

Let your creativity run free with our range of collage layouts and styles.

Design your collage

Upload photos from your phone to create collages of between 2 to 12 images.

HD print quality

Collage canvases are printed in stunning colour and vibrant detail.

Perfect sizes

Most collage canvases are 20x16” - our most popular canvas size!

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Frequently asked questions about photo collage canvases

What are collage canvas prints?

A collage canvas print is simply a collage of your photos, printed on a high-quality canvas. This is a fun, modern and creative way of displaying all of your photos together on one amazing print. 

How many photos can I add to collage canvases?

We have a range of collage canvases available, each with a different layout that lets you upload a set number of photos. This ranges from 2 to 12 photos per canvas, so simply browse our selection of collage canvases to find the perfect layout for you! 

How are collage canvas prints made?

Collage canvas prints are all printed on premium 350gsm polymix canvas and then hand-stretched over a 3.8cm wooden frame. Every photo in your collage is brought to life in outstanding colour and detail, using genuine Epson inks.

What collage canvas sizes are there?

Most collage canvas prints are 20x16”, which is our most popular canvas print size. However, our heart collage canvases are slightly bigger at 20x30”.