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Do You Print Passport Photos?
Customer Support 14 Apr 2018

We don't print Passport Photos at Tesco Photo; however, our amazing colleagues at Max Spielmann will be able to assist with your passport and visa photo query....

How to change all photo sizes or quantities
Customer Support 3 May 2018


Uploading Photos from Photos Library on a Mac
Customer Support 11 Jun 2018

To upload photos from your Photos library on a Mac, once you have selected to upload from 'My Device' you should have a selection of folders on the left, go down to the 'Media' section and then select 'Photos'....

How do I select multiple images to upload from my android phone?
Customer Support 16 Aug 2018


Uploading images from OneDrive
Customer Support 6 Jul 2019

When you select Upload form OneDrive, your internet browser needs to open into your OneDrive account as a Pop-Up, please ensure that Pop-ups are set to 'Allowed'....

Supported File Types and Maximum Image Size when using our website
Customer Support 26 Jun 2018

The maximum file size that our server will allow is 60MB, There is no restriction on the pixel size of an image....

Using Print Credits
Customer Support 30 Nov 2017

Print credits allow you to pay our cheapest price for prints even when ordering small quantities. By purchasing 500 credits you can pay the best price for small orders....

Film processing
Customer Support 13 Mar 2018

Max Spielmann can process many other varieties of film and single use cameras and if it can't be done in-store, our Excellence Centre is here to help. Digital copies of your prints onto photo CD or USB Extra sets for your treasured memories Lots of print sizes and enlargements available We ......

Set Descending Direction

8 Item(s)