Film processing

Customer Support posted this on 13 Mar 2018

In this digital world it is sometimes hard to find someone who is able to able to deal with traditional photographic media.

Our lovely colleagues at Max Spielmann are able to process 35mm film by post, APS film and single-use cameras too.

Max Spielmann can process many other varieties of film and single use cameras and if it can't be done in-store, our Excellence Centre is here to help.

  • Digital copies of your prints onto photo CD or USB
  • Extra sets for your treasured memories
  • Lots of print sizes and enlargements available
  • We can process 35mm, APS, 110/120, black and white and single-use cameras  

For specialist services such as slide / 110 / 120 / black and white (not C41) please ask in store for service times.

Our mail order service is convenient if you are not able to make it to a Max Spielmann photo shop.

Order from our film processing page today to get your films processed by post.

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