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Poster Prints


Don't limit yourself to one image, choose a number of favourites and display them on these fab Collage Posters. This way no-one will feel left out!

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Product Specifications

  • We Love It Because
    • …when friends and family spot themselves in a whole range of photos. It means no one gets left out!
  • Dimensions
    • 15x10" (38x25cm)
    • 18x12" (46x30cm)
    • 20x16" (51x41cm)
    • 24x18'' (61x46cm)
    • 24x24'' (61x61cm)
    • 30x20" (76x51cm)
    • 24x36'' (91x61cm)
    • 30x40" (102x76cm)
    • 60x40" (152x102cm)
  • Materials
    • Our posters in sizes 15x10’’ and 18x12’’ are printed on Fuji Colour Crystal Archive lustre finish photo paper; all larger sizes are printed on 260gsm satin microporous photo paper.
  • Care Instructions
    • Avoid contact with moisture
  • Delivery Options
    • 8 day delivery time
    • Collect in store & mail order