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Photo Mugs


Experience the magic of our colour changing mugs! At first glance these look like standard black mugs, but add hot liquid and your images will magically appear.

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Product Specifications

  • We Love It Because
    • .... Your photos appear as if by magic when you add hot liquid.
  • Feature
    • Easy and quick to create
    • The mug is black when cold and turns white (with your images revealed) when hot liquid is added
  • Dimensions
    • 8cm (circumference) x 9.3cm (h)
  • Materials
    • Ceramic
  • Care Instructions
    • Microwave and dishwasher safe. Mugs are only dishwasher safe on gentle or eco cycle, not on intensive or high temperature cycles. Use top rack only. Hand washing is highly recommended to keep colours bright.
  • Delivery Options
    • 8 day delivery time
    • Collect in store & mail order