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A soft cover Photo Book is perfect for a collection of family photos to give as a present to someone. You can personalise images, designs and layouts to your heart's content, all on matt or high gloss finish pages.

There are two ways to design your Photo Book: Either select Quick Book to build your photo book in a few quick steps on a mobile device or desktop computer. Or select Design-a-Book for greater customisation and editing features to build your photo book from your desktop computer.

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Product Specifications

  • We Love It Because
    • ...you can give every page and photo a different caption
  • Features
    • Bound in a thick 300gsm personalised cover which is gloss laminated for a high quality protective finish. Page Range is 20 – 100 (10 – 50 leaves) for small books and 20-150 (10 - 75 leaves) for medium books.
  • Dimensions
    • Small Square 150mm (w) x 150mm (h) (6x6")
    • Small Landscape 200mm (w) x 150mm (h). (8x6")
    • Medium Square 203mm (w) x 203mm (h) (8x8")
    • Medium Landscape 270mm (w) x 205mm (h) (11x8")
    • Medium Portrait 203mm (w) x 270mm (h) (8x11")
  • Materials
    • 200gsm premium paper pages, 300gsm gloss Paper Cover
  • Care Instructions
    • Avoid contact with moisture
  • Delivery Options
    • 8 day delivery time
    • Collect in store & mail order