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Photo Book Features

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    1. 1

      Heavyweight paper is used on every book (200gsm as standard). Our books can stand up to years of scrutiny, admiration, reminiscing and of course family life!

    2. 2

      Our Hardcover books are bound using textured cream fly paper for a perfect finishing touch. It’s these finer details that give your book a truly luxurious feel.

    3. 3

      Our team of experts bind your book using state of the art equipment. Every book is a professional work of art as good as any you would buy in a shop and made just for you!

    1. 4

      Your personalised book cover is digitally printed and gloss laminated for a high shine and super protective finish. Finger prints can be buffed away to keep your book as stunning as on the day it arrived.

    2. 5

      All of our hard case books can be personalised on the spine. Don’t ever lose that beautiful book on the shelf!

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    1. 1

      Customise your book by choosing from our range of stylish and contemporary themes. Whether your celebrating a birthday, re-living your summer holidays, making a book for that special someone, or simply making memories, we’ve got a theme for you to use.

    2. 2

      Make this book truly yours and add text anywhere on the page, giving you complete freedom on the design. Funny anecdotes or stories that are special to you really help to make your book extra personal.

    3. 3

      Turn your pictures into pieces of art by adding borders to them, giving them the full attention they deserve!

    4. 4

      For those stunning pictures which just simply need to be centre of attention, use a show stopping full page spread. Full page spreads particularly compliment panoramic and scenic shots.

    1. 5

      Decorate pictures and help bring them to life with our fun and creative graphics.

    2. 6

      High gloss finish is available for every one of our books, to give them a real photo feel.

    3. 7

      Design your very own original one of a kind cover. Choose from a wide choice of vibrant background colours and designs, and then come up with an inspiring title for your book. Text can be added anywhere to both the front and back cover giving you real freedom to get creative.