Hardcover Photo Books

Hardcover photo books come with a gloss cover on which you can design your own layout of photos and text. Use your best photo right across the front cover to make a statement and add text to the spine to make it easy to find your book on a shelf.

Choose A Theme

Creating your hardcover photo book

Design your own cover

Layout a selection of your photos or choose your best photo to fill the cover. Add text too - on the front and the spine.

Add extra pages

Your book comes with 20 pages as standard and you can add more up to a total of 150 pages (75 leaves). Each pair of extra pages cost £1(small books), £1.50 (medium books) or £2 (large books).

Make it glossy!

Give your book a professional finish with gloss pages. Regardless of how many pages this costs £4 for small books, £6 for medium books and £9 for large photo books.

Picture cover photo books

Show a taste of what's inside your photobook with a glorious photo on the hardcover. You can put several photos on your cover too if you wish and also add text.

Our hardcover photo books also have the option to add text to the spine - perfect if you're building a collection of books and want to select the right one from your shelf!

Covers are gloss-laminated for a durable finish.

Your book is given a professional finish with clean white end papers.


Helpful tips to create your book

Try our top tips to make your photo book look great:

- Less is more! Don't cram lots of photos onto each page.

- Mix up your designs. Use different background colours to complement the photos on some of the pages.

- Pick out some photos to really stand out. Your best photos deserve a page to themselves.

- Adding text really helps to tell a story, especially for travel books where you can record the names of places you've visited.

Hard cover photo book size Guide

SIZE (Approx) Standard price Pages Cost of extra pages* Cost of gloss finish**
Small square
15x15 cm (6x6")
£15.00  20 standard
Up to 150
£1.00 £4.00
Small landscape
20x15 cm (8x6")
£18.00  20 standard
Up to 150
£1.00 £4.00
Medium square
20x20 cm (8x8")
£22.00  20 standard
Up to 150
£1.50 £6.00
Medium landscape
27x20 cm (11x8")
£25.00  20 standard
Up to 150
£1.50 £6.00
Medium portrait
20x27 cm (8x11")
£25.00  20 standard
Up to 150
£1.50 £6.00
Large square
29x29 cm (11x11")
£40.00  20 standard
Up to 150
£2.00 £9.00
Large landscape
38x29 cm (15.5x11")
£45.00 20 standard
Up to 150
£2.00 £9.00

*per leaf (2 sides).

**Gloss is applied to all internal pages.