Faux Leather Cover Photo Books

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Creating your leather cover photo book

Choose your theme

Select a simple create your own theme to design your own book or select one of our pre-designed themes.

Add extra pages

Your book comes with 20 pages as standard and you can add more up to a total of 150 pages (75 leaves). Each pair of extra pages cost £1.50 (medium books) or £2 (large books).

Make it glossy!

Give your book a professional finish with gloss pages. Regardless of how many pages this costs £6 for medium books and £9 for large photo books.

Faux leather photobook covers

Faux leather is the name given to artificial leather.

It is finished with the pattern of a slight grain to resemble real leather.

Available in black or white these books are beautifully finished and the white cover is perfect for creating wedding albums.


How to create a photo book

With our easy to use software creating a book is simple. If you're creating a leather photo book for a special occasion you may want to take your time - your project will be saved for 30 days since your last edit so you can spend as long as you want perfecting your design.

First, get all of your photos together in one place.

Then, edit out the ones that aren't so good leaving 50 or 100 of your favourites.

Select the size of book and get started on your design. Be careful with the choice of size - you can't change that later!

Leather photo book size Guide

More sizes are available in other cover options.

SIZE (Approx) Standard price Pages Cost of extra pages* Cost of gloss finish**
Medium landscape
27x20 cm (11x8")
£30.00 20 standard
Up to 150
Large square
29x29 cm (11x11")
£45.00 20 standard
Up to 150
Large landscape (White Cover Only)
38x29 cm (15.5x11")
£50.00 20 standard
Up to 150

*per leaf (2 sides).

**Gloss is applied to all internal pages.