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Hardcover Photo Book with White Theme

Hard cover photo book size guide: - Small square 15x15 cm (6x6"") - Small landscape 20x15 cm (8x6"") - approx A5 - Medium square 20x20 cm (8x8"") - Medium landscape 27x20 cm (11x8"") - approx A4 - Medium portrait 20x27 cm (8x11"") - approx A4 - Large square 29x29 cm (11x11"") - Large landscape 38x29 cm (15.5x11"") - approx A3.
GBP 15 InStock

(From:) £15.00


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Product Details

Our white themed hardcover photobook has a nice clean design to which you can still add bright backgrounds and symbols. Start creating your memory book today!

  • See above for sizes available.
  • Add different background styles and scrapbook elements to complement your book.
  • Hardcover book covers are gloss-laminated to protect them.
  • You can add text to the spine of your book.
  • 20 pages are included as standard.
  • Each extra page (one leaf of paper = two sides) costs £1.00 for small books, £1.50 for medium and £2.00 for large.
  • Maximum number of pages is 150.
  • Premium gloss finish on internal pages costs an extra £4.00 for small, £6.00 for medium and £9.00 for large books.

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7 Days to store or home.