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Metal Prints


Add up to 30 of your photos onto a sleek Metal Print and create a vibrant piece of art that really makes your memories stand out and adds a touch of class to any room.

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Product Specifications

  • We Love It Because
    • You have never seen your photos look this good!
  • Features
    • Add up to 30 photos.
    • The two largest Metal Prints come with mountings on the back so you can easily fix your work of art to the wall. The desk Metal Prints have a built-in stand to help you put your photo in the perfect spot.
  • Dimensions
    • Metal Print 5x5" - Desk
    • Metal Print 6x6" - Desk
    • Metal Print 7x5" - Desk
    • Metal Print 10x4" - Desk
    • Metal Print 12x5" - Desk
    • Metal Print 24x16" - Wall
    • Metal Print 31x23" - Wall
  • Materials
    • Metal Prints are high-quality chromalux aluminium panels finished with a high gloss coating.
  • Care Instructions
    • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Delivery Options
    • 8 day delivery time
    • Collect in store and mail order